Why Kumon?

Have you heard of Kumon?

Do you wonder how Kumon can help your child?

Kumon is useful for all grades.

However its particularly useful for early childhood education and as preschool enrichment programme.

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Lets first know more about the Kumon System.

What Is Kumon Method Of Learning?

Kumon has three core programs, the Kumon Math, Kumon English and Kumon Native Language Program (language varies by country). E.g. in Singapore, Kumon has Kumon Chinese Program.

Using a free diagnostic test, each student is given an assessment of their ability. Based on the results, a Kumon Instructor creates an individualized study plan. This includes their goal for a specific period.

Students begin their classes at an easy starting point to build study habits and a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts.

Kumon Instructors plan for students to study material at just the right level. This is a level of difficulty that aims to challenge students so they remain motivated and can learn independently.

The study plan is regularly updated by the Kumon Instructor to challenge each student based on their ability at that time. Students practice using worksheets. 

The worksheets increase in difficulty in small increments. Students are encouraged to study for 15–30 minutes  every day of the week.

Once a student demonstrates a strong understanding of the material, students can progress to the next level.

Kumon Learning Centre, CCK / Limbang

Do you want to learn more about how Kumon can help your child?

If you are living in North or North East of Singapore, you can bring your child for a free assessment to the following Kumon Centre.

Kumon Learning Centre,

Blk 533 Choa Chu Kang Street 51, Limbang Shopping Centre #01-25,

Post Code: 680533

Telephone: 6766 6391

Whatsapp: 81158773

Chief Instructor-Sita Sah

How Did Kumon Start?

Kumon was started by Toru Kumon in Japan. It was born out of a father's love for his son.

The Kumon story started in 1954 when a mother found a maths test paper in her son's pocket. That boy was Takeshi Kumon who was studying in the second year of elementary school. 

Discovering his low score, the mother asked her husband Toru Kumon, a high school maths teacher, for help. Toru began preparing maths worksheets for Takeshi.

Toru Kumon knew that many senior high school students poor calculation skills. He created study materials to address this gap. At the same time, 

Toru Kumon wrote out calculation problems on loose paper sheets for Takeshi.  The materials that he created in 1955 became the prototype for today’s Kumon worksheets.

Takeshi quickly improved by studying the materials created by his father. He was able to master differential and integral calculus in his sixth grade.

Seeing his son's progress, Toru Kumon invited some children from the neighborhood to come and study at his home using his worksheets. All of them improved their academic ability.

Toru Kumon now wanted to help more students.

In 1958 he opened more Math Centres in Japan. The Kumon Method is now available in 50 countries.